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"Boutis d'Aujourd'hui" Book by Hubert VALERI

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20 models included

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This book introduce you the gorgeous technique of Boutis, with ste-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams. 20 original and contemporary project, using traditional motives and new shapes.

This book includes the instructions to set your boutis up on a lampshade frame.

63 pages - "Boutis d'aujourd'hui" is a french book written by Hubert VALERI.

Supplies needed for the technique of quilting:

1/ The Expendables:

- A coupon unwashed white cotton fabric: Batiste or percale (the design is printed washable ink or carried by hand),

- White solid wire (No. 40 or quilting cotton, mercerized see, or mixed depending on the choice made ...)

- Colored thread lint-free cloth (for basting).

2/ Tools:

- A corkscrew needle,

- Pencil tissue or erasable pen,

- A hoop diameter 15cm, 12cm view to start (which we have dressed the inner circle of a cotton twill tape)

- Quilting two dice (the top is not convex, but bowl), you need one for each major,

- Needles Quilting No. 10 (say "Between")

- Tapestry needles No. 16 to 26 (round tips, which will serve to introduce the cotton wick)

- Trapunto or Boutis needle (long of the same type as those mattresses but with round toe).

- Embroidery scissors.

  • 4 Reviews
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    • Number of Reviews : 4
    • Average Grade : 4 /5
    • L. Th
    •  the 22/06/2019
    • 5/5
    Livre très détaillé et qui permet de découvrir la technique du Boutis. Les modèles sont très bien expliqués et notés par difficulté de réalisation. J'ai commencé tout de suite....
    • L. Claudine
    •  the 09/03/2019
    • 4/5
    Pas encore mis en service
    • L. Catherine
    •  the 12/11/2016
    • 5/5
    Toutes les explications d'Hubert VALERI ainsi que les photos sont très claires et notamment en ce qui concerne le sertissage que je n'avais pas réussi, jusqu'à maintenant, à comprendre.
    • L. Gisèle
    •  the 23/10/2016
    • 4/5
    Livre pour bien débuter le boutis


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