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Embroidery Squares "Medallion" for Cushions - 2 colors available

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For cross stitch embroidery

Damask fabric 100% cotton fine quality sold as per square, for making side 40cm cushions.

Embroidery fabric inlay in the center "medallion" shaped, and on 4 sides "rectangle" shaped, to make cross stitch embroideries.

- Color choice: White or Cream*
- Approximate size of a finished square: 40cm (about 45cm sent for seam allowance)
- Diameter of the central medallion embroidery: approx. 15cm
- Dimensions of the side rectangles embroidery: approx. 2.5cm x 9cm

- Filling: 5.5 stitches / cm
- Square sold individually.

Graziano brand.

* Depending on your monitor, the colors may vary significantly.


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