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The Grace PolySwivel Lap Hoop

158,33 €

35cm diameter

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The Grace "PolySwivel Lap Hoop" Square-hoop quilting is really a matter of logic.

For years we have known that a square hoop would be more ideal for holding fabric than a round one. Because the weave in fabric is square, it lends itself naturally to square-hoop quilting, and makes it much easier to achieve good, even tension on all sides.

Quilt in Comfort: Quilters will love quilting on the Grace LapHoops. Straight edges make positioning and repositioning fabric simpler, and it is much easier to keep track of your work areas. The hoops amazing design will not pull your fabric on the diagonal it naturally tensions the quilt across the woven grain of the fabric, from side to side, not from corner to corner. The outer hoop rests on the lip of the inner hoop to prevent the outer hoop falling completely over the inner hoop.

Lock in your Position: The hoops swivel tension is controlled with a single knob! Loosen the knob to rotate or angle your work-area. Simply tighten the knob to lock in the desired position.

Easy Adjustments: A tighten-and-release system built into the outer hoop allows the quilter to easily tighten it down so that it fits snugly around the fabric and inner hoop without a bolt sticking out to snag on fabric or clothing. Thin, carefully placed dish brackets enable the quilter's hands to get underneath the hoop with plenty of clearance. Quilting is very comfortable, even in the corners. All of the hoop and bracket parts are precisely engineered and machined.

Edge Tools Included: Edge tools are included with the purchase of your hoop.

Made in U.S.A.

  • 3 Reviews
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    • Number of Reviews : 3
    • Average Grade : 4 /5
    • B. Christiane
    •  the 16/04/2019
    • 4/5
    tambour agréable à utiliser mais les tenseurs sont lourds et par conséquent pas faciles à utiliser et en plus ils bloquent le passage des mains pour quilter
    • R. Chantal
    •  the 22/08/2017
    • 5/5
    Il est parfait !
    • S. Yvette
    •  the 20/09/2016
    • 5/5
    super c'est ce que j'attendais


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