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"Making Happy Quilts" Book

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By Mieke Duyck

"Patchwork is not just something I practice, it's just who I am!" - Mieke Duyck

In this first book by the patchwork magician, Mieke Duyck, 18 models of quilts (small and big) come together: the most recent, seductive and original!

Mieke likes to revisit traditional blocks by mixing genres and choosing harmonious colors. The choice of fabrics will determine the style, while the result remains exciting and surprising!

As skilled in the hand as the machine, she also likes to play with today's tools, such as specific cutting rules for example, which simplify the task.

Mieke is definitely a quilter of her time, drawing inspiration from the source to stimulate an overflowing imagination!

183 pages - French & English book - Real size templates included - Publication: April 2018 by Quiltmania.


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