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"Decovil Light" Interlining - Vlieseline

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"Decovil Light" is a lighter version, more flexible and softer than his elder brother Decovil.

It irons, possesses a touch close to some leather, ideal for the creation of belts, and any "3D" forms such as hats, bags, dress handkerchiefs, cloth baskets, etc...

Decovil Light is completely adapted obviously also for the interior design. You can use it with the cotton, the synthetic materials and all the range of fabrics of decoration.

- Washable up to 40 °C in the centle cycle or dry cleanable.

- Beige colour.

- 90 cm width.

- Sold by multiple of 50 cm (19 3/4") for orders of more than 50 cm, the batting will be all in one piece: Indicate the quantity "1" to 50cm, "2" to 1m, "3" for 1.50m .... The price displayed is a 50cm cutting


Does not deform after shaping
Exceptional dimensional stability
Excellent tore resistance
Does not fray: cutting and clear fringes
Can be worked in several thicknesses: cutting, stamping, swindle
Easy to sew and to hem

Method of use:

First iron the fabrics at length with steam to avoid any shrinkage later on.

Allow the fabrics to dry completely.

Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric.

Then cover with a damp cloth and press the iron carefully for about 6 seconds, step by step each area iron setting: wool.

Power steam iron : 150°C. 

Slowly glide the iron with pressure and sporadic steam over each area.

Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

  • 8 Reviews
  • Product Reviews
    • Number of Reviews : 8
    • Average Grade : 5 /5
    • G. Nelly
    •  the 22/08/2017
    • 5/5
    le decovil light c'est génial ! a utiliser sans moderation pour la cration de sac, corbeilles etc...
    • M. Sophie
    •  the 29/07/2017
    • 5/5
    très utile dans la confection des sacs
    • Z. Muriel
    •  the 17/02/2017
    • 5/5
    Parfait pour créer des paniers en patworcj
    •  the 17/01/2017
    • 5/5
    bon produit
    • B. Jeannine
    •  the 28/11/2016
    • 5/5
    conforme à mes attentes
    • C. Isabelle
    •  the 03/10/2016
    • 5/5
    très pratique et de très bonne qualité.
    • B. Nadia
    •  the 11/05/2016
    • 5/5
    inédit pour moi et je ne l'ai pas encore essayé.
    • B. Solange
    •  the 10/10/2015
    • 5/5
    je n'ai pas encore fait l'essai


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