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Set of 2 Carabiners Screws 15mm - SILVER

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for round handles

Carabiners with hollow cylindrical base in which we will screw the end of a round handle (or rope) to make pretty bag handles!

- For round handles (or ropes) with a diameter of at least 15mm to a maximum of 17mm,

- Sold by 2 carabiners + 4 screws included

- Color: silver chrome

- Composition: zamac (does not rust)

- Total Height (Base + Carabiner): 6.5cm

- Carabiner dimensions: H 4cm x W 2.5cm approx

- Dimensions Cylindrical base: ∅ outside. 18mm - ∅ inter. 15mm - Height 2.5cm

- High quality leather goods, made in Italy.

- To ensure a better hold of the handle in the cylindrical base, we advise you to apply a few drops of solvent-free glue on the head of the screws as soon as they are screwed on the handle.

Round ropes sold separately (for creation of bag handles): click here to discover them!


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