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Quilt Japan 166

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July - August - September 2016

Edition n° 166

creations (Tifaifai), Korean creations (Pojagi), or inspired by French culture, here is an overview of the themes encountered in this Quilt Japan in the colors of summer!

You can make pillows, blankets, kits, bags, pouches and other funny purse, a pell-mell, a hexagonal fabric box, Pojagi table runner, coaster and small curtain Pojagi, Hawaiian wall panels...

In short, whether beginners or seasoned, followers of traditional or modern rather, you find something to satisfy your creative desires!

Please note that the magazine is written in Japanese, but patterns are included. Quilters who do not read Japanese but have some experience, are usually able to interpret the patterns without much trouble. Others can use them for inspiration!

170 pages - Drawings and detailed pictures - Real Size Patterns - Measurements in centimeters.


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