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Pack of 6 "Hiroshima" Tapestry Needles - TULIP

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Assortment - Round Tip

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Set of 6 tapestry needles high quality, with round tip.

Sizes included:

- x2 neddles Size 17 - diameter 1.35mm x 54.5mm long
- x1 neddles Size 18 - diameter 1.24mm x 48.5mm long
- x1 neddles Size 20 - diameter 1.07mm x 45.5mm long
- x2 neddles Size 23 - diameter 0.89mm x 39.5mm long

Sold in a small plastic tube closed with a small cork stopper, all packaged in a nice cardboard box.

- A quality eye: The needles have a somewhat larger needle eye, with a smooth surface both inside and out.
- Strong body: With just the right amount of flexibility, the needles are resistant to bending or breaking.
- Sharp point: The needle’s points have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness. Smooth piecing enables easy sewing

Made in Hiroshima (Japan).
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    • D. Marina
    •  the 05/04/2018
    • 5/5
    Les chas sont tellement bien finis, ils n'accrochent pas du tout la soie.


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