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White TWIST Portable Leds Lamp - Daylight

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Neon or LEDs

Daylight’s™ popular portable lamp now comes with an ingenious Easy-Twist™ shade for maximum light angle & maximum work space!

The "EasyTwist" shade has been designed by Daylight to give you the ultimate spread of light across the whole of your work area.

The lamp itself is lightweight and designed to fold neatly away, making it very easy to transport. Now for the technical bit - this top lamp boasts even more practical features, all designed to make sure you craft in comfort.

The lamps detachable base makes it extremely stable and with Daylight™ technology there is absolutely no strobe effect so eyestrain is reduced and potential headaches are eliminated.

Technical informations:

- Height : 12 inches
- Weight : 1.34kg (3 lbs)
- Main operated 
- Removable base
- Colour White / Grey
- Leds Lights (220 Lux / 660 Lumens)


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