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Ribbon for Littles Linen Flowers - 8mm

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100% LINEN

Gatherable Ribbon, 100% Linen, to make beautiful flowers and decorate your creations.


- Color: Black, 
- 0.31" width (8mm), 
- Dry clean only, 
- Made in Japan. 

Sold by multiples of 50 cm (19,68"): Indicate the quantity "1" to 50cm, "2" to 1m, "3" for 1.50m ... The price displayed is a 50cm cutting. When you order more than 19.18", the fabric will be in one piece.

How to make a Linen Flower Bow?

  1. Cut the ribbon, 
  2. Pull the strings from either side of the ribbon, 
  3. Tie the ends of the string, 
  4. You can use an anti-fraying glue to prevent the ribbon fraying. 

Now you have a pretty linen flower! 


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