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Fabric Strip Case - ArtBin

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The Fabric Strip Case perfectly stores your fabric strips in orderly fashion!

This Fabric Strip Case stores your fabric strips in orderly fashion!

It includes two clips that slightly press down on your fabric strips to keep them from rolling, scrunching or tangling up. This storage box is molded in translucent, clear Acid free polypropylene that makes it easy to see what your strip case stores.

Perfect for Jelly Rolls, Bali Pops, and other 2.5" fabric strips.

- Two integrated front latch securely keeps lid closed and contents safe

- Size: 4.5" x 4.5" x 24"

- Color: tranlucent,

- Stackable,

- ArtBin Brand - made in U.S.A.

- Sold empty, by 1 case.


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