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Leather Thimble with 2 Metal Reinforcements - Clover

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Unique Size

Extra-soft leather thimble with two non-slip metal reinforcements, ideal for sewing leather, tarpaulins and other "big stitches", furniture, but also patchwork and classic sewing.

- Is worn mainly to the middle finger or to the index,

- One size: adapted to a finger circumference roughly 5cm,

- Length of the Thimble: about 5.5cm / Opening diameter: about 1.8cm

- With a metal reinforcement that protects the whole end of the finger and a second metal reinforcement on the second phalanx: very secure during difficult seams,

- The reinforcements are anti-slip to push the needle safely,

- The space provided between the two reinforcements always allows you to bend the finger,

- Clover brand Japan - Made in Japan.


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