Article 1 – Scope of Application

These general conditions of sale apply to all sales concluded via the website for articles sold and dispatched by La Couserie Créative. 

We reserve the ownership of the object until full payment of the price and corresponding incidental costs (Law n°80.335 of 12 May 1980).

In the case of total or partial non-payment of the price on the due date, for any reason whatsoever, we can require, as of right and without formality, the return of the object, the buyer bearing the costs and risks. This return is not equivalent to cancellation of the sale. 
Subject to typing errors, we guarantee the truth of the characteristics and prices of our articles. All logos and trademarks are filed by their respective owners; the photos are not contractual. Our prices and characteristics are only given for information and can be modified without notice. All our prices are indicated in Euros, including all taxes. 
Promotional articles shall not be taken back or exchanged.

Article 2 - Orders

You can place your orders:

      via the Internet :
      or by phone : + (33) (0)4 68 75 13 62

When you have keyed in your order on La Couseries Créative website, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and your order will be recorded. On receipt of the order, La Couserie Créative checks its conformity and conducts a few prior verifications.

Article 3 - Price

The price is payable in full and in a single payment at the time of the order. All orders are invoiced in Euros and payable in Euros. For deliveries outside mainland France, any customs duties or local taxes shall be payable by the recipient.

Article 4 – Carriage costs

All orders are sent via La Poste postal service by their tracked letter or Colissimo suivi service, according to your choice. The carriage costs include a contribution to preparation, wrapping and postage. They are calculated according to the real total weight of your order and the geographic area of your delivery.

If you opt for dispatch by the tracked letter service (only mainland France) your order will be sent by Distingo or Lettre Max. The delivery time is the time that a letter takes to arrive, that is to say between 1 and 8 working days. Your tracked letter will be put in your letter box without signed receipt and is not insured (no insurance cover in the case of loss, theft or any damage that could spoil the dispatched articles).

If you opt for dispatch by Colissimo Access (only mainland France) your order will be sent by parcel post. The approximate delivery time is 2 working days. The parcel will be put in your letter box (depending on size) without signed receipt and is not insured (a minimum flat-rate insurance applies solely in the case of loss but not in the case of theft or damage that could spoil the dispatched articles). 

If you opt for dispatch by Colissimo Expert (for all destinations both in France and abroad) your order will be sent by parcel post. The approximate delivery time is 2 working days. You will need to sign for receipt of the parcel and it will be insured at its invoiced value.We recommend that you group your articles on a single order. We cannot group separate orders and you will be invoiced for carriage costs for each order.We are not, in any circumstances, liable for customs duties that may be payable for articles delivered to certain counties. Customers shall not be able to request the refund of costs generated by the delivery. This includes, more particularly, deliveries in countries outside the European Union.To see the list of carriage prices and associated delivery time, please click here

Article 5 - Delivery

Whether you order from France or abroad, we can deliver to your home or to a different delivery address if this is specified. We suggest that you read the previous article “Carriage Costs” to know the carriage methods, prices and associated delivery time offered by us taking into account destination.

All shipment will be done from Monday to Friday. All orders placed before 1:00pm and paid by credit card will be shipped immediatly, exxcept if an article was missing.

Any late delivery shall not lead to cancellation, damages, compensation or refund of the invoiced carriage costs. The ordered articles are checked by us then wrapped in the best conditions. If an article in your order is damaged or destroyed, you must return it to La Poste and have the damage recorded so that the insurance covering your shipment by Colissimo can be taken into account and we can exchange the article. Without formal recording of the damage by an employee at La Poste, no compensation can be claimed and our liability cannot be invoked since the parcel travels at the recipient’s costs and risks. No complaints of more than 30 days will be accepted.

No order can be delivered or deposited at an address other than that indicated as the “delivery address” (it is not possible to deliver the parcel to a neighbour if you are absent). La Poste reserves the right, in the case of absence at first presentation, to try to deliver the parcel a second time or to leave an attempted delivery notice in your letter box (the parcel must then be withdrawn from the post office for your area). 

An order can be returned to sender in case of wrong delivery address (mistake when writing in the customer space). The order can be sent again, but freight charges will have to be paid again (at the real postage, no more fixed price).

Article 6 - Damaged delivery

The articles you have ordered are checked and packed in the best conditions by us. If you receive a damaged carton or a damaged articles in your delivery, please check the following procedure.

All complaint of the consignee above his delivery of his order has to be done within 3 working days to the carrier, in accordance with the article L133-3 of the French Commercial Law. In case of a delivery against your signature, if, while delivered, it seems the carton is destroyed, you have to open it with the carrier to note any incident and to write a reserve on the delivery statement. In case of a delivery of a carton in the mail-box (not for international orders), you have to go to the Carrier office in the 2 following working days, to note with a person in charge the incident and fill a form of damaged delivery.

If an article is damaged in your delievry, you have to take a picture of the damaged article, put on the carton with the stamp label visible. This photo will be the proof of your complaint, also with the reserve or the form you have already made. This procedure is necessary in any case to treat your complaint. Without any note on the incident, no complaint will be treated by our office. As soon as the complaint will be accepted by the carrier, we will be able to send back the damaged article, not before. In case of a inclusive freaight charges (not for international deliveries), if the compensation is not total, we will ask  you to pay the difference, as you haven't chosen the insurance on the delivery. 

In any case, if the complaint is not notified to us within 3 working days, or if the procedure hasn't been followed, the complaint will be untreated.

Article 7 - Payment

You can pay in several different ways that maximum security guarantees. You can pay:

- By credit / debit card (site equipped with PayBox secure system) indicating your 16-figure card number, expiry date and cryptogram. You can also give your card number by phone on + (33) (0)4 68 75 13 62 when ordering by phone. Before validating your payment method and terminating your order, we suggest that you carefully check the figures that you have indicated in the areas for this purpose. The debit / credit card is usually debited when your order is validated for the amount of the shipped articles.

- By bank transfer, using our bank account information provided when you validate the payment method.

- By cheque in Euros, to be cleared in a French bank, made out to La Couserie Créative. Please send your cheque, indicating on the back the number allocated at the end of the ordering process, to the following address: 

La Couserie Créative
Service Vente à Distance
27 Quai de Lorraine
11100 NARBONNE Warning : If you choose to pay by cheque, the order will only be processed when this has been received and the indicated delivery time will run from then. If we do not receive your cheque within 10 days of the date of your order, your order will be cancelled and the articles that have been reserved will be put back for sale.You are strongly advised not to send cash. The customer remains at all times responsible for any payment sent in this way and its security. La Couserie Créative shall not be held liable for any losses or theft of a payment made in this way.

The orders are only dispatched after full payment of their value, that is to say after payment in advance for which there is no discount. La Couserie Créative is only bound by a price proposal.

Article 8 - Guarantee

The articles supplied by La Couserie Créative are new and guaranteed against any defect at the time of their delivery. If it should happen that an article is defective or not in conformity, we undertake to replace it. 
The buyer is bound to check that the delivered merchandise is in conformity with the order before using it. In the case of delivery error, we undertake to correct it promptly and with a minimum of inconvenience for the recipient. In this case, any error must be notified within 8 days of receipt of the parcel.

There must be prior approval by La Couserie Créative before any defective product is returned. Any returned product must be in perfect condition, in its original wrapping on which nothing has been written and showing no trace of wear and tear. All accessories (cables, leaflets, media, etc.) must be returned with the product. 
 The parcel should be returned by standard mail with the corresponding La Couserie Créative invoice within 8 days of its receipt to: 

La Couserie Créative
Service Après Vente
27 Quai de Lorraine
11100 NARBONNE The return postage costs will be refunded to you by a purchase voucher with no expiry date (within the limit of the cost of return by standard mail according to our carriage costs indicated under Article 4 of these conditions of sale). You will receive a replacement very rapidly and, in any event, within 1 month of your request. No order shall be accepted with cash on delivery payment, whatever may be the reason.

The commercial guarantee that we propose is the constructor guarantee. The period of guarantee, which is included in the price, is indicated in the product description on the Website. It takes effect as of receipt of the parcel for the period indicated on the product sheet. It covers the repair of the appliance (parts and labour). Cover under this contractual guarantee implies normal use of the appliance and good maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the product. Cover under this commercial guarantee is also subject to no repair or attempted repair by a third party not approved by the constructor. The parts that can wear out (such as light bulbs, tubes, batteries, etc.) are excluded from the guarantee. 
In the case of a breakdown, judged irreparable by the technicians delegated by the constructor a standard exchange will be proposed, insofar as this is possible. 
In the case of visible defects, the buyer, on delivery, has the right to return the article in the conditions specified above in the paragraph « Satisfied or Refunded ». 

Article 9 – Satisfied, exchanged or refunded

As part of respect for the customer, according to the rules of the Professional Code and the Quality Charter of the Fédération des Entreprises de Vente à Distance (Union of Distance-Selling Firms), you benefit from the right to return. Whatever may be the reason, you can return an article within 14 days of receipt of the parcel. 
There must be prior approval by La Couserie Créative before any product is returned. Any returned product must be in perfect condition, in its original wrapping on which nothing has been written and showing no trace of wear or tear. All accessories (cables, leaflets, media, etc.) must be returned with the product. When the return concerns articles sold in a batch or set, for example for special operations, there shall be grouped return of all the articles. 
Your parcel, with the invoice, should be sent to: 

La Couserie Créative
Service Retour
27 Quai de Lorraine

The costs of postage and return are payable by you. If the returned article get lost or dammaged during shipping, all cost would be at your charge.

Warning : this guarantee does not apply to immediately reproducible products: books, magazines, leaflets and kits (embroideries, quilting, patchwork, etc.) shall not be taken back or exchanged. Promotional articles shall not be taken back or exchanged. Any articles that have been cut (patchwork fabrics, canvases for embroidery, strips for embroidery, etc.) shall not be taken back or exchanged.

A return shall lead to an exchange or the issue of a purchase voucher valid 4 months for the value of the returned article. All freight charges are in charge of the customer.

Article 10 – Data Protection

The information that you are asked to provide is, when this is indicated, necessary for processing and executing your requests. Any other requested information is to help us to know you and improve the services that we offer you on the Website. La Couseries Créative files are registered with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL- French data protection authority). Your personal particulars are processed in the respect of the data protection law of 6 January 1978. You have the right, at any time, to access, rectify or object to the personal data concerning you. You just need to contact us (indicating your surname, forename, postal address and e-mail address) by letter to La Couserie Créative, Service Client, 27 Quai de Lorraine, 11100 NARBONNE. 
You can also, at any time, manage your subscriptions to La Couserie Créative newsletters and your personal particulars through the My Account section. 

Article 11 - Liability

La Couserie Créative declines all liability in the case of non-performance of the contract due to a case of force majeure (strike, flooding, fire, etc.).

Article 12 – Applicable law

All the clauses in these general conditions of sale and all the purchase and sales operations to which they refer shall be subject to French law. Any litigation or dispute shall be referred before the commercial court of Narbonne.

Article 13 – Customer’s acceptance

These general conditions of sale and the prices are expressly agreed and accepted by the customer who declares and recognises to have perfect knowledge of these. He abandons, as a result, the right to act upon any document in contradiction, in particular his own general conditions of purchase. The act of purchasing implies the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.