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Quilting Frame The Grace GMQ-Pro

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The Grace Company, makers of fine hand quilting products, have now developed the perfect frame for machine quilters: The all-inclusive quilting machine system! The GMQ Pro is ideal for any home sewing machine (even mid-arm or long-arm machines),the carriage rides along seamless tracking for no-bump machine traveling. Rail extensions (included) take the frame out to king (128"), queen size (104"), or you may set it up in crib (70").

Easy Grip Handles
Free-Motion quilt from the needle side of the machine...Or quilt from the back of the machie to follow patterns.A Smooth,

Cushioned Ride
We provide the following for the smoothest, quietest track system you can find:
1)Precision bearing wheels 
2) Wobble-Free platforms
3)Seamless plastic tracks that install perfectly straight--No seams or bumps!

Smooth Tracking
The tracks for the bottom plate are engineered specifically for the GMQ-Pro out of ABS plastic. During the research stage we experimented with several different combinations of material, including metal tracking, but then we found the feel of metal-on-metal to be too cold and noisy like fingernails on a chalkboard. After trying the cushioned, smooth ride of steel wheels on plastic, it was an easy decision. The tracks are in-set on the tabletops in pre-cut grooves, so they automatically align and are guaranteed to stay straight, so you never have to worry about them being misaligned! With the track being one single length, there is no worry of seams or bumps

Pivoting Rails
Inspect your stitches and get easy access to change your bobbin with our new easy-lift rail mount system. The bottom two rails lift up, out of the way, while preserving the tension in your work. 

Sturdy Design
The GMQ-Pro's Sturdy design includes table tops ideal for pantographs (pointer included). Aluminum track supports add to the frames robust construction and professional appearance.

Includes Fabri-Fast System
This is a no-baste, four-rail system. Our custom designed rails come with the new Fabri-Fast system for fast and easy fabric installation. Simply push your fabric and tubing into the Fabri-Fast slot with the Fabri-fast tool included. Fabric goes in and stays in straight and clean.

Added Stability
Ensure a smooth level traveling surface with these easy-to-adjust leveling feet..

Easier Side Tension System
The GMQ-Pro comes with four side-tension clamps (two for each side). Simply apply the clamp then pull and secure the bungee cord in the side slot. Fast and easy!

Folds up for easy storage
Folding legs make the frame easier to store up against the wall when not in use.

Fourth Rail Included
A fourth rail below the work area serves a a batting storage rail, keeping your batting up and off the floor.

Instructions in English with details.

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