Magnetic Pressure Sheathed - 17mm
  • Magnetic Pressure Sheathed - 17mm
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Magnetic Pressure Sheathed - 17mm


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40Magnetic pressure covered with a thin invisible sheath, flexible plastic, to sew on your bags or clothes.

2 possible
ways to ask this magnetic snap: (do a test to check that the power is sufficient, it will vary depending on the thickness of your fabrics)

- Sewing the PVC profile (but not on the frame of the magnet) or,

- Insert the magnets between two layers of fabric to achieve an invisible zipper.


- Diameter of magnet: 17mm (0.66") (with sheath dimension: 35mm side (1.37"))

- Watertight seal,

- No oxidation of the magnet,

- Washable,

- Operating Temperature Maximum 80 °

- Warning: 50cm minimum to maintain a pacemaker.

- Pressure sold individually.

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